Japan, Ukraine, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Finland, Chile, Armenia, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina and Cuba are the 12 nations represented in the 24 numbers competing at the Festival. The début is on Thursday, October 13 at 9pm in via Rossetti, Latina.

Save the dates! Here is the schedule, which includes 7 complete shows:
Thursday October 13 at 9pm (show A);
Friday October 14 at 9pm (show B);
Saturday October 15 at 4.30pm (show B) and 9pm (show A);
Sunday October 16 at 3.30pm (show A) and 7pm (show B);
Monday October 17 at 8.30pm (Gala Show and Awards Ceremony).The shows called A and B are completely different performances, but both contain performers of the same high level of artistry and skills – they are simply a division of the numerous acts into two separate shows.

 A bath full of water for an aerial straps number



Viviana Rossi was born in Reus, Spain. She had her first success in artistic gymnastics, later moving on to Circus acrobatics. Specialising in aerial straps, Viviana has performed in many parts of the world: she has taken part in many Festivals, worked for the most important companies and international productions, as well as TV appearances. Notable among her achievements is her role as stuntwoman in the Circus and in the movies (Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros), as well as her high-visibility social media profile as a model and as a fitness expert.

Human pyramids that almost reach the height of the big top



Amongst the disciplines of the Circus, the high-wire is one of the most dangerous. The performers don’t just walk along steel wires at height like normal balancing acts: they use the wire as a base on which to perform breath-taking feats. The Troupe Celis Brothers, composed of three women and a man, are from a Colombian Circus family. They are presenting a daring high-wire number that will thrill and chill the audience, as they form a human pyramid that almost reaches the 11-metre-high apex of the big top, using all their skills and technique, audacity and energy to delight the crowd.

From the Cuban National Circus School to the festival ring



Maylin and Dominguez are two young performers from Cuba. Their artistic partnership as Duo Resurrection began during their training at l’Escuela Nacional de Circo de Cuba. Since 2016 Maylin and Dominguez have worked in numerous international companies. In the five-minute hand to hand number that they are presenting at Latina, Duo Resurrection use acrobatics and dance to present their idea of personal freedom to the audience.

An artist who wishes to reproduce the number that was brought to the track by his father



Steven Ferreri is a young Spanish performer born in Andalusia, in the Province of Seville, in 2002. Steven comes from one of Spain’s oldest Circus families, of which he proudly represents the fourth generation. It was his father who first performed this low tightrope number, which is now being presented here at the Festival in Latina by Steven. Forwards and backwards somersaults, and a jump through a knife-lined hoop, are just some of the highlights of his performance.

Extraordinary experience of over 700 appearances at Cirque du Soleil

Exhibition n ° 13 replaces the already announced artist JUSTIN RICARDITO who will not be able to participate in this edition.



Flor Aracama and Nico Busso, already well-known to the public with numerous appearances on TV talent shows, are a couple of performers from, respectively, Argentina and Italy. They started their activity as rhythmic and artistic gymnasts: they have over 700 appearances with Cirque du Soleil under their belts, counting 1.5 million spectators. The performance of Duo Rings with aerial rings is the result of their love for sport and also for live performance; her we see contemporary Circus combined with a traditional apparatus: the rings.