In October, the structures of the Circus Festival in Latina will turn into a huge ‘Piazza delle Arti’, where artists, sculptors, photographers, collectors and writers will gather to display and discuss their work at the two additional events dedicated to them: ‘Circus Expo’ and our ‘Circus-themed Literary Café’.

‘Circus Expo’ and our ‘Circus-themed Literary Café’ will showcase, by word and image, how much the Circus inspires Art and Culture.

Anyone interested in taking part as an exhibitor in ‘Circus Expo’, or at the ‘Circus-themed Literary Café’ with their literary works, is invited to contact the Festival’s Production Office

before and no later than 6.30pm on August 31st, 2023,

by sending your request via email to

Please include your full details, including your full name and all of your contact numbers and email addresses, as well as detailed information about what you intend to display or present at the event. Participation in ‘Circus Expo’ and ‘Literary Café’ is free:  it costs nothing to take part and neither is there any kind of payment to participants.

‘Circus Expo’ is a dedicated Circus-themed exhibition space in which photographers, painters, sculptors, model enthusiasts, collectors, and artists of other genres may display their works to the International audience of the Festival. The twelfth edition of ‘Circus Expo’ will run from October 12 – 16 within the structure of the 24th edition of the International Circus Festival of Italy.The coordinator of ‘Circus Expo’ is Lucia Orlacchio, expert in the planning of cultural projects. The aim of this event is to once again amplify the cultural aspect of the Festival by presenting and showcasing the numerous and varied effects that Circus culture, and live performance in general, can have in the media and in the creative arts, thus attracting an increasingly inclusive public towards the Festival and the Circus world in general.

The ‘Circus-themed Literary Café’ is a sort of informal ideas workshop where people can meet up around our coffee tables and enjoy a warm drink whilst enjoying the presentation of the literary works of authors who have been inspired by the Circus, covering works ranging from factual accounts to novels, and from poetry to dedicated periodicals: around the world there are many works of this nature available to buy, frequently of a very high standard. This literary heritage, often absent from the shelves of bookshops, deserves more attention from the general public. The 24th edition of the International Circus Festival of Italy continues to contribute to the diffusion of knowledge and awareness of the world of the Circus by including this tenth edition of our ‘Circus-themed Literary Café’ in its programme of additional events, providing a space for authors to present their latest works. This ‘Literary Café’ will take place at 6.00pm on Friday, October 13 within the foyer area of the 24th edition of the Festival. The presenter is the vibrant Dina Tomezzoli, an experienced journalist and presenter specialising in live performance and cultural events.