The atmosphere in the offices of the Festival is particularly enthusiastic this year. The 2023 edition, which will take place in Latina from Thursday, October 12th to Monday, October 16th will bring the usual hallmarks of such a big event that promotes Circus and live performance, but it will also herald the journey towards the anticipated splendour and sparkle that will accompany the twenty-fifth edition next year.

The essential component of the shows will be the competing performers: the selection from hundreds of candidates from all over the world has resulted in a prestigious cast that will represent different cultures, schools, disciplines, and artistic trends. The cast will be announced in our following production notes.

One of the strengths of the Festival each year is our International Technical Jury, composed of prominent world-level experts: the best of the best will be present at Latina to guarantee that the performers will have a unique opportunity to show off their skills to people who can really appreciate their technical and artistic skills, with an eye to future work opportunities.

The International Circus Festival of Italy always attracts an extraordinary audience to its huge structure, built up in the large weekly market area of Latina. Here is where performers, Circus and Circus school directors, producers, casting directors, showbiz personalities, journalists and communicators, dignitaries, fans and supporters meet, share ideas and experiences, and discuss plans and projects: this doesn’t just happen during shows, but throughout the day in our large foyer’s hospitality area, which is always open and welcoming.

To complete the picture: our Critics Jury, composed of journalists and well-known stars from the world of showbiz, our orchestra, which accompanies performances, our technical staff, consisting of the best experts in the business, our competent and professional presenters and guests, and our esteemed partners from the Circus industry, and our full programme of additional events, which run alongside the Festival’s shows.

All the details of the 24th edition will be published in our successive Production Notes, which will run as a kind of countdown towards the event and the début on October 12th.