Everything’s ready for the ninth edition of the Literary Café, which will take place in the foyer of the Pala Distretti Ecologici of the International Circus Festival of Italy, in via Rossetti, Latina at 6pm on October 14th.

This Literary Café discusses books and publications to do with the circus.

This year’s encounter welcomes Laido Dittmar, who presents his book called The Art of Pratice, aimed at new generations. Presenter Andrea Giachi, who also performed as an acrobat, will talk about circus life, training, and the challenges for an outsider to enter the world of the circus. At this 9th edition we will also be talking about health and training, with Dr. Enzo de Amicis concentrating on the importance of regular check-ups as well as trauma treatment. Alessia Dell’Acqua will be talking about training, as well as school and career choices.

Everyone is welcome to this informal discussion, which is a free event provided by the producers of the Festival.

The shows are as follows:

  • Thursday October 13 at 9pm (show A);
  • Friday October 14 at 9pm (show B);
  • Saturday October 15 at 4.30pm (show B) and 9pm (show A);
  • Sunday October 16 at 3.30pm (show A) and 7pm (show B);
  • Monday October 17 at 8.30pm (Gala Show and Awards Ceremony).

The shows called A and B are completely different performances, but both contain performers of the same high level of artistry and skills – they are simply a division of the numerous acts into two separate shows.