With only 17 days to go to the début of the Festival, we are delighted to present this year’s poster for the 23rd edition of the International Circus Festival of Italy. This wonderful original work of art, oil on canvas, was painted by renowned artist Elena Zaïka.

For eight years now, the image of the International Circus Festival of Italy’s poster has been a real work of art, designed uniquely for us using pictures relative to each edition, and intending to convey the rich variety of acts to be seen at the event, which has always defined itself by the encounter between various nations and cultures, and the aim to create happiness by a fusion of traditional circus arts and innovative artistic skills. Elena Zaïka has cleverly interpreted our vision and expressed it in this wonderful oil-on-canvas painting, and the result is full of colour, with famous faces and fabulous costumes. Although at a first glance it appears to be almost kaleidoscopic, a closer look will show the finer details, all carefully included to present this upcoming edition of the Festival, which promises to be really spectacular. Elena is not new to this art form: she is well-known in the Circus world for her many poster designs, award designs, and even stamp designs for the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo. Circus fans will immediately recognise some famous faces from the Circus world in this work created by Elena Zaïka for the upcoming23rd edition. There are many other details in the picture referencing other aspects of the shows to be seen at Latina in October. This poster also represents the complexity of the production, made possible thanks to partnerships with our esteemed international colleagues and counterparts.