The Giulio Montico Cultural Association, which has been producing the International Circus Festival of Italy for over twenty years, promotes the culture and traditions of the Circus.

The Circus has always been a meeting placea home to all, and an opportunity for nations and peoples to meet and compete with each other.

The Circus ring unites rather than divides, and ethnic, linguistic or religious differences are not a factor that influences this sense of harmony.

In the Circus ring there can be no space for anything other than the celebration of beauty, harmony, and light-hearted enjoyment.

We strongly desire that this is still possible now, just as it was in the past, and hope that it will be in the future.

Sometimes, people in positions of power choose complex paths. The Circus world, as much as is possible, prefers to stay out of any of this.

It is therefore up to each individual to evaluate what is or is not right for them and for the higher echelons of the Circus world at this time, whilst at the same time safeguarding a serene and convivial atmosphere, where everyone has the right to applaud and to be applauded.