Never change a winning team! The presenters of this year’s Festival will be Alessia Dell’Acqua and Andrea Giachi, while the job of Ringmaster will be in the expert hands of Tommy Cardarelli: a line-up completely ‘Made in Italy’.

The inclusion of Alessia Dell’Acqua in last year’s cast was a resounding success with audiences as well as with Circus professionals: her poise, verve, competence and kindness gave us a co-presenter who was a welcome new member of the team, who won everyone over with her skill and sincerity. Andrea Giachi, our tried and trusted presenter since 2005, is a fifth generation Circus artist: his valued presence is always a guarantee of competence and complete professionalism. Their job is to welcome and present each member of the cast of Circus stars, conducting the shows with an interesting and amusing exchange of dialogue, just like they did at last year’s Festival.

Acknowledged as one of the best Circus Festivals in the world, the high visibility of this event is partly down to the performers that come here to compete, but also to the skill and expertise of the show’s Director, a role that has always been held by the inimitable Tommy Cardarelli, a custodian of the skills and customs of the traditional Circus. Tommy is assisted as Ringmaster by three outstanding men: Fabrizio Montico, Ruby Merzari, and Rony Vassallo. Fabrizio Montico is the son of Giulio Montico and Vice-President of the ‘Giulio Montico Cultural Association’, as well as being Production Director and Technical Director of the Festival. Ruby Merzari, a member of one of Italy’s historical Circus families, learnt his skills in the Moira Orfei Circus. Rony Vassallo is the Director of Edoardo Vassallo and Annamaria Perris’ Circo Rony Roller.

The show team for the entire Festival is therefore composed of six all-Italian talents: proof that professional live-performance Circus shows of the highest possible level can be produced by a highly expert team entirely ‘Made in Italy’.

Photo: Geronimo Vercillo