Circus Stars will be present on the International Technical Jury that decides the winners of the “Latina d’Oro” as well as in the Circus ring. The International Technical Jury of the “International Circus Festival – City of Latina” is composed of owners or representatives of the most important Circuses or Circus Academies in the world, as well as distinguished members of the business, arts and political spheres connected to the world of the Circus. The International Technical Jury views all the numbers in the competition and expresses votes based on the following parameters: originality of the performance, choreography, technical merit and grade of difficulty. Additionally, each juror may award a “bonus” to a performance that excels in its originality (technical or choreographic) and which also reflects the appreciation of the audience.


Secretary of the Jury
Honorary President of the “Giulio Montico” Cultural Association

A passionate and enthusiastic circus fan, Mirella Iuliano was the lifelong partner and devoted wife of the late Giulio Montico, versatile and multifaceted Circus artist as well as fondly remembered creator of the “International Circus Festival – City of Latina”. More generally speaking, the entire Montico Family, associated with the Circus world for many generations, are rightly considered to be custodians of the Italian Circus tradition, and continue to be involved in the Circus world not only on an artistic level but also on the creative, managerial, promotional, and cultural/educational development side of things. Mirella Iuliano always encouraged and supported the projects of her husband, Giulio Montico, including the founding of the “International Circus Festival – City of Latina” in 1999.

1. Alain Frère – France

Artistic Advisor to the organizing committee of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo

Alain Frère, Mayor of the French city of Tourrette-Levens and a Doctor of Medicine, has also been decorated by both the French Republic and the Principality of Monaco for his cultural undertakings. A huge Circus fan, in 1974 he contributed, alongside Prince Rainier III, towards the founding of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, of which he is still Artistic Advisor within the organizing committee. Alain Frère is also the owner of a valuable private collection of stage costumes worn by some of the most celebrated performers in the history of the Circus.

2. Urs Pilz – Switzerland

Vice President and Artistic Director of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo
President, European Circus Association
President, Fédération Mondiale du Cirque

Urs Pils was born in Switzerland in 1941 and, on completing his schooling, he began his career in the world of fashion, later becoming  Vice President of the Bogner label. Interested in the world of the Circus for many years, Urs Pilz has worked with the Circus Knie and in international relations at the Circus Krone in Munich. In 1981 he began his important association with the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo, first as a member and then as coordinator of the jury, eventually becoming Artistic Director and Vice President, a role which sees him as one of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie of Monaco’s closest associates.  He is also President of the two main Circus associations: Fédération Mondiale du Cirque and the European Circus Association.

3. Istvan Kristof – Hungary

Creator and Founder of the Budapest International Circus Festival

Istvan Kristof was the Director of the Favorosi Nagycircusz, the permanent Circus of Budapest over 24 years, as well as Director of the International Circus Festival that takes place in the Hungarian capital every two years. During his 30 year long career as acrobat, he won prizes in many important International Circus Festivals. Since 2011 he distinguished himself in the role of President of the Technical Jury at Latina.

4. Peter Dubinsky – United States of America

Firebird Productions Inc., President

Following a Degree in scenic arts and a Directorship of the Moscow Circus, which inspired in him a strong interest in Circus arts, Peter Dubinsky founded Firebird Productions Inc., of which he is still President. In this capacity he produces high-profile live shows for North-American Theme Parks as well as more traditional Circus shows. Experience and know-how in his chosen field have earned Peter Dubinsky worldwide recognition as well as many important and prestigious international awards.

5. Pavel Kotov – Canada

Cirque du Soleil, Senior Casting Director

Pavel Kotov is a former world-class acrobatic gymnastics athlete, a former member of the Russian national team and an international judge for the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). He has also acquired experience in the circus arts, notably as a Russian bars porter at the Great Moscow Circus. Member of the Casting Team of Cirque du Soleil since 2004, first as the acrobatic talent scout, and currently as the Senior Casting Director. Pavel leads the team in charge of talent sourcing, new show creations and replacement of artists in over 20 existing shows of Cirque du Soleil.

6. Odette Bouglione – France

Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione, President

Born in Paris, Odette Bouglione is a member of an eminent Circus family, and spent her childhood in the celebrated Cirque d’Hiver. From the age of 16 she worked internationally as a performer in a variety of disciplines, and travelled the world over a period of twenty years with the Circo Florilegio of Darix Togni. Since 2006 Odette has been back in Paris where, with her brothers and sisters, she is involved in the artistic direction of the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione and of other family productions. Odette Bouglione has been President of this historical French Circus company since 2021.

7. Rafael González Villanueva – Spain

Productores De Sonrisas, Founder and Director of Show Management

Rafael González Villanueva and his brother Manuel belong to one of Spain’s most important circus families, and they have dedicated their entire lives to the Circus. Following long and successful artistic careers, Rafael and Manuel founded Productores de Sonrisas, and moved into Show Management. Rafael has produced numerous shows, including the Christmas Show co-produced for 8 years with Teatro Price in Madrid, which reached an audience of over half a million people. Over the years, they have produced many successful shows such as: Circo de Hielo, Circo Màgico, and Circlassica.

8. Mathias Reichle – Germany

Europa Park, Director of Entertainment

Mathias Reichle studied at Hochschule in Karlsruhe. He has been working for Europa-Park since 2004, and has been Director of Entertainment since 2016. With 25 shows a day, numerous evening events, 350 performers from all over the world, 100 attractions, and over 5.7 million visitors a year, Europa-Park is Europe’s largest theme park; it has won the ‘Golden Ticket Award’ seven times for being ‘best amusement park in the world’.

9. Stefan Huber – Germany

Palazzo Mannheim, Producer – Artistic Director

Stefan Huber is a 38-year-old Producer / Artistic Director based in Mannheim, Germany, and Benidorm, Spain with his family. He started to produce music at the age of 10, going on to gain a bachelor’s degree in sound engineering in 2005. He has been the Artistic Director of the Palazzo Dinner Show in Mannheim Kunz Theatre since 2006, and of the Crazy Palace Karlsruhe since 2013. Since 2016 he’s been CEO of Marketing, Event and Communications Agency GO7 AG in Mannheim, Germany, which has well-known national and international clients and has run events like the CARStival, a car-festival in times of COVID-19, as well as numerous events for companies like the UEFA or SAP SE. Stefan has also been Artistic Director of galas, concerts and theatre productions such as Roncalli Apollo Varieté, MS Europa, Udo Lindenberg, and many more.

10. Ricardo Rossi Ribes – Spain

Rossi Show Time – Mistike

Born in Spain of Italian lineage, Ricardo Rossi Ribes represents the sixth generation of performers in his renowned Circus family. Ricardo has taken the artistic traditions that he represents all over the world, with the ‘Rossi’ name appearing in the most important circuses and performances venues on the planet. The Rossi Brothers’ Icarian Games number, performed with his brother Alejandro, is a shining example of the best of Circus. During the recent pandemic, Ricardo Rossi Ribes decided to move into show production, and presented ‘Mystike – Le Grande Cirque’ in Spain.

11. Pierre Meyer – France

Royal Palace, Founder and Director

In the ‘80s, the Meyer family transformed a provincial dance venue into one of the most important live performance arts venues in France. The catalyst for this change was Pierre Meyer: he  worked for his family’s restaurant from adolescence, but he loved American-style shows, and he created a space in the dining area for performers. This was how he started an adventure that saw the launch, in 1996, of an ambitious project: a showroom with over 1,000 seats. The Royal Palace de Kirrwiller is today the third-largest venue in France, after the Lido and the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

12. Aldo Vazquez – USA

Circus Vazquez USA and FLIP Circus USA, Director

Aldo Vazquez, who grew up in the Circus, has vast experience across the board of production and logistics of Circus shows. At the moment, he heads a team of over 70 people, but he was a performer for thirty years, both as an acrobat and as an animal trainer. He is currently the Director of two units: Circo Vazquez USA and Circo FLIP USA. In both units he is responsible for the technical and logistical side as well as the artistic direction.

13. Louisa Raluy – Spain

Circo Raluy Legacy, Director

Louisa Raluy Rastall, born in Italy, is half English and half Italian. She represents the fourth generation of a celebrated circus family. Her grandfather, Luis Raluy Iglesias, founded Circus Raluy which was later under the direction of his eldest son Luis Raluy Tomas along with his brothers and, later on, with Louisa and her sister Kerry who is now head of the Raluy Legacy Circus. She has worked all over the world with her circus, has directed Festivals in Spain, and has been a member of numerous International Technical Juries. Louisa speaks eight languages and has studied in the fields of psychology and journalism.

14. Daniele Togni – Italy

American Circus – Co-producer

Daniele Togni, born in 1967, is the son of Enis Togni and the grandson of Ferdinando Togni: he represents the fourth generation of this famous circus dynasty. Having begun his career as an acrobat, he then followed the family tradition, specialising in the equine discipline of Haute Ècole and training horses for the three-ring Circo Americano, as well as in the Barnum and Bailey Circus in the USA, at the Stadthalle in Vienna, and at the Favarosy NagyCirkusz of Budapest. Meanwhile, when he was about 20, he was running the American Circus, taking care of logistics and managing its finances. In the second half of the ‘80s, he assisted the directors of the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, where the Togni family were technical directors as well as being responsible for staging the venue for 15 years. Daniele Togni is currently co-producer of the American Circus.